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Based on the principles of SDG5 (Gender equality) we have created a set of OERs to be used at Vocational Education & Training (VET) and individual levels to empower women to develop their ‘voices’ and become confident about taking on greater challenges in their professional careers…

The NEED we want to address with the We Lead course:
There is gender disparity in the Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure (THL) sectors across Europe, especially in leadership roles
The interlinkage between gender and climate change is missing which may hinder effective green transition initiatives within the labour market.
There is unequal access in decision-making processes on climate action…we need to gain the important contributions of underrepresented people and women in their wide diversity, as experts, decision-makers, consumers, carers, educators and stakeholders.
A high level of foreign/migrant labour within the tourism sector is currently increasing for all EU countries due to the large number of migrant women & children that have fled from regions of conflict.
The AMBITION…what we want to achieve with the We Lead OERs:
The advancement of women in leadership roles in the THL sectors
Training on soft skills and awareness-raising on available training opportunities
Gender equality & Inclusion training across the sector...leading to greater outcomes
We link climate action and women’s leadership together
We will elevate the visibility, leadership and collective impact of women in tourism leading to a more sustainable future
We will simultaneously equip and empower VET educators
There is no such course available in Europe!
The OERs deliver on the Erasmus+ horizontal priority Supporting Educators as it develops educator skills in a new but very essential part of the EU THL sectors. It comprises of:
A course curriculum and 6 modules
An educator’s guide
A set of integrated multimedia resources to complement the learning activities.
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