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“A leader is someone who unites people to work towards a common goal.
A leader is someone who creative collaboration.”
- Ellen Johnston Sirleaf

Tourism is the 3rd largest socio-economic sector in the EU. In 2011, the EU-28 women’s participation in the overall tourism workforce stood at 56% & 46% in the wider EU economy. Women in Travel & Tourism International are clear, “at the most senior levels women are disproportionately underrepresented.”

While they make up 25.5% of executive committee members, most work in HR rather than management roles. WiHTL highlight how the tourism sector is “failing to promote women to the highest levels of decision-making despite having a larger pool of female talent from which to draw”. In hospitality, women are heavily concentrated in low-paid jobs & only 1 in 22 CEOs is a woman.

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Project Activities

Good Practices Compendium

A Compendium of European Best Practices of Women Making a Difference in Tourism, Gender, and Climate Action spheres, to catalogue and appraise existing approaches.

Giving us an overview of the amazing work being carried out across Europe, helping to inspire others into action!

Project Result 3

Educators Guide to Innovative Learning Pathways to make the case for new teaching strategies, highlighting flexible/impactful new approaches to transversal skills including sustainability.

With sustainability at the core of what we are aiming to achieve it plays a vital role in the skillset which is to be adapted by our women leaders.

Project Result 4

Open Educational Resources will provide teachers and individuals with “ready to use” resources for digital, hybrid or in person classes aiding their teaching on understanding the leadership skillset, components of effective leadership, with a focus on female leaderships and innovative approaches to climate action within the tourism industry!

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